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HILF 01: Frankenstein with Helen Shephard

Episode Summary

Dawn sits down with British TV Host and Model, Helen Shephard and gets to the naked truth about the novel Frankenstein, and it's supremely HILF-Y author, Mary Shelley.

Episode Notes

Mary Shelley began writing her novel, Frankenstein, in 1816 when she was only 17 years old. Today it remains one of the most-assigned books of all time, finding it's way into classes ranging from Law to Scientific Ethics to Fashion to Politics.  Readers and historians have argued for centuries which is more intriguing - the book or it's author - and Dawn is here to tell you... Yes. 

Guest, Helen Shephard, is a British TV Host, model and comedian, who has no recollection of ever reading the book - and only cursory memory of the early film versions. However, as the recording took place right around Halloween, 2021 - she was intrigued by this ubiquitous monster and wanted to know the sexy story about his real origin. 


PART 1 - The Book, as written in 1818 (and republished in 1831) 

00:00:00 - Greetings and introductions.

00:05:45 - Helen's never read Frankenstein (she doesn't think). Dawn lays out her extensive research of the book and author. 

00:12:00 - Dawn's quick and dirty summary of the original Frankenstein. [Great cliff notes, kids! 23 minutes to a B+.]

PART 2 - The Author, Mary Shelley  - Where did this idea come from? 

00:39:37 - Welcome back, any questions?  

00:43:33 - Theory #1 - Frankenstein is about bad parents.

00:53:02 - Theory #2 - Frankenstein is about Death, and wanting to defy it. 

O0:57:20 - Theory #3 - Frankenstein is a warning to not Play God. First Science Fiction.

01:04:50 - So what is it, Mary Shelley? Where the HELL did you get this idea?

01:08:00 - The 'Summer of Love' - 1816 on Lake Geneva with Lord Byron. 


Helen Shephard

The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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