HILF: History I'd Like to F**k

HILF 06: The F-Word with Ryan Ripple

Episode Summary

From the very first documented 'fuck' in history all the way through Carlin's 7 Dirty Words, Dawn unpacks the origins and surprising uses of some our most-loved and oft-hated profanity. The guest is comedian, Ryan Ripple, who has his own interesting takes on this shit.

Episode Notes

The name of this podcast includes profanity, so it may not be terribly surprising that Dawn was delighted to embrace the subject of the next episode: The F-Word

Her guest is the delightful and hilarious, Ryan Ripple, and together they discuss not only the origin and creative utilization of our favorite curse word - but the history of cursing in general. We also get into the science of swearing and how it functions within our brain. Why for example, does your pain tolerance demonstrably increase when you yell FUCK but not when you yell TOMATO.

It’s a hell of a good time - gosh darn glad you're here!


00:02:15 - Not only do we meet our guest, Ryan Ripple, but the off-mic master that is my little dog, Yogurt. 

00:03:20 - The History of Dawn and Ryan from their meeting as backlot tour guides at Universal Studios Hollywood (the entertainment capital of LA.)

00:06:25 - Ryan and Dawn reveal their favorite swears and why they love them so. 

00:12:37 - Dawn discusses why she chose to include the F-word in the title of the podcast despite some real and technical liabilities to doing so. 

00:15:58 - Dawn quizzes Ryan on his ability to remember George Carlin's famous list of the 7 Words You Can't Say on Television. 

00:18:17 - Dawn's research includes:

00:19:10 - How George Carlin and Lenny Bruce changed history and US Law with their profane comedy. 


00:30:16 - Profanity and your brain: why does a different part of our brain light up when we say tomato versus fuck. How does it effect our ability to tolerate pain?

00:35:00 - The 3 Kinds of cursing: Offensive to God, offensive to the Body, Offensive to a Group of People. 

00:38:00 - The OG of cursing and why 'swearing upon God' is still a mightily profane to many people. 

00:42:05 - The Birth of 'FUCK' - when we first saw it in writing and how it evolved.

00:48:52 - Dawn lays out a long, but hardly complete, list of the varying ways that we use 'fuck' in contemporary American English. 

00:55:30 - What is expletive infixation and why you should abso-fucking-lutely use it. 

00:59:37 - If you think english-speaking Americans love 'fuck' wait til you hear how much the Russians love 'dick.'

01:06:00 - End of show credits and introduction to the next episode - a continuation of this conversation and even more profanity to come! The next episode [Jan. 19th] with cover Shit, the other F-word, and even a word so hot and sharp, Dawn won't even say it! 


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