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HILF 05: Krampus with Andrew Melby

Episode Summary

He is a long-horned, long-tongued, Christmas Devil who lives to drag naughty children to hell... But enough about my guest - lets talk about KRAMPUS! This is a very special holiday episode is which Dawn sits down with her real-life husband, Andrew Melby, and digs into the origin and legends surrounding this tenacious Yuletide demon.

Episode Notes

When my husband, Andrew Melby, suggested that Krampus would be a good HILF subject to do for our first Holiday episode, he unwittingly stepped into the guest seat.  Krampus - the pagen-era Yuletide devil that predates the Baby Jesus - is an awesome and intriguing subject to delve into; proving that the only thing that surpasses Melby's taste in podcasts, is his taste in women. 


Welcome and a little chit-chat on the insightful and hard-hitting subjects like The Spice Girls and pros and cons of nose rings.

00:06:58 - Melby explains why he assigned Krampus and wherein lies the intrigue. 

00:10:00 - Dawn's primary research sources includes: 

00:12:08 - Dawn begins with Krampus's origin - where and when we find him... and with a preemptive apology to our German audience. 

00:13:45 - It all began with a witch named Perchta.

00:16:16 - The Home Visit. ...or when Krampus comes into your living room and all hell breaks loose. 

00:19:04 - Deep, dark winter and how those who know It, know Krampus better than most. 

00:27:00 - Greetings from Krampus, and the greeting cards that started a craze. 

00:30:21 - So you wanna start your own Krampus? Good idea, here's where to start: 

00:31:50 - When the Catholic Church meets Krampus; and how a ban becomes a BAND!

00:37:16 - You think Karens are bad? Meet the Wild Barbaras and Dark Lucys. 



00:42:45 - St. Nicholas the Star saint of Christmas. 

00:48:14 - Naughty n' Nice list, Jingle Bells, Leaving Milk & Cookies: How your favorite Christmas traditions started with Krampus. 

00:50:30 - Filling out your Krampus with the spicy details: The Rempler, Venusberg and some big-ass hats. 

00:56:45 - Why do we have Krampus? Dawn's take: Fun is life. 

01:01:00 - Sign off and introduction to next episode [new every other Wednesday - next Jan. 5th] The History of the F-word!


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