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HILF 02: John Dillinger with Kat Perkins

Episode Summary

Singer-songwriter, Kat Perkins joins Dawn for a thorough undressing of the infamous 1930's outlaw, John Dillinger.

Episode Notes

John Dillinger’s career was short.  The time between his first bank robbery and his killing by the FBI on the streets of Chicago, was just under 21 months. His impact on American culture, however, is immeasurable. He was especially handsome, conspicuously charming and ever-bold in his actions. As the Great Depression worsened - as far as the general American was concerned - a polite gun-slinger who was always kind to ladies, just didn’t look that bad compared to the banks he was robbing.

Guest, Kat Perkins, is a prolific singer-songwriter out of the Twin Cities and also a top-five finalist on The Voice. Kat chose Dillinger because as a Midwest girl born-and-bred she has always heard stories of the various outlaws that roamed her familiar streets. Together, old friends Dawn and Kat, enjoy a sexy jaunt into some of the sexiest episodes surrounding his life and death… and have a few beers doin’ it.

PART 1 - Wherein we travel from a Speak Easy to a sad little BOI

00:00:00 - Greetings and introductions.

00:02:08 - The History of Kat Perkins! From her time on The Voice, to her the summer camp for kids she started, to her many tours with the USO.

00:07:03 - Introduction to our HILF subject, John H. Dillinger.

00:07:55 - Dawn lays out her research and sources. [See below for links.]

00:11:40 - Let’s Fuck John Dillinger!

00:13:03 - Who were the gangsters of the 1930’s? Prohibition, Speak-easies, Cars, Guns and a little ol’ government agency called BOI.

00:19:00 - Of all the fascinating characters of this time, why do we remain so obsessed with Dillinger, specifically?

00:21:20 - John Dillinger’s Childhood antics lead him to a stiff prison sentence and a whole new career.

00:25:51 - Dillinger helps break his friends out of Indiana, just in time for them to break him out of Lima, Ohio.

00:30:00 - John Dillinger is taken to prison in  Crown Point, Indiana - from which he daringly escapes within two months.

00:37:38 - The BOI becomes the FBI and Dillinger’s girlfriend, Billie Frechette, gets arrested.

PART 2 - Public Enemy Number One... is the Loneliest Number. 

00:41:50 - The Dillinger Gang goes to a resort in Little Bohemia, Wisconsin - and the FBI fucks up big time.

00:50:17 - John Dillinger’s crime land friend and member of the gang, Red Hamilton dies an agonizing death after begin shot in the back. Hope is erased…

00:52:04 - While in Chicago living under an alias, Dillinger falls for Polly Hamilton and makes the acquaintance of Ana Sage - the Woman in Red.

O0:53:33 - John Dillinger goes to the Movies and takes a bow.

01:01:48 - The FBI grows up and cleans up… while getting dirty.

01:04:30 - A footnote by little-known Dillinger contemporary, Alvin ‘Creepy’ Karpis.

01:08:50 - A post-sign off extra where Kat gives us some insight into how she conceived of our theme music!


Kat Perkins

Pubic Enemies by Bryan Burrough 

The Wabasha Street Caves - St. Paul, Minnesota


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